DeRay Brings the Funny

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Two weeks ago, my jaw line hurt so much from laughing so hard from DeRay’s comedy show.

Saw him perform April 16th with my buddies Cindy & LaTrice at Funny Bone in Richmond, Va. This was my first time at Funny Bone. I enjoyed my first experience. The waiter I had was great. We ordered fries, cheeseburgers, and cocktails. He kept checking with our booth to make sure we were taken care of. I respect waiters that do just that.

Sadly, towards the end of the show, someone in the audience collapsed on the floor. I never did know for sure what had happened to the guy. I assume he had too many drinks. Or maybe too many drinks before taking medication.

During this delay, DeRay didn’t stop the show. He wanted to know what was going on because it was affected his time on the show. He continued to joke of relationships with the youth and their cell phones. I could relate, of course. I’m young and obsessed with my cell phone.

Let’s just say that I enjoyed myself. This was my first time at Funny Bone. This is my 2nd time hearing DeRay live. The last time was at the Hampton Convocation.

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DeRay is hilarious and I would definitely seem him perform again. Very funny.


Mock Campaign

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For my PR online course, my group and I were instructed to conduct a campaign for Governor, Scott Walker.

This was my first campaign I ever put together. It was fun. Group members that help me where classmate Corretta and Lynbea. They were great to work with. We came together in Dubois on campus to put all our ideas into one. The photos are are apart of what we came up with.

There was a 4th member but she hasn’t hasn’t contacted us. We tried to reach her from the Professor and still no response. Other than that, we were able to pull it together.

We developed a webpage, flyers, press release, and a twitter page for Scott Walker. Lynbea designed the webpage, Corretta did the press release, and I did the flyers. I used my skills I learned in InDesign to design a flyer. It came out pretty good. Each of us were in charge of a specific task. Viewing everybody’s work, we did an exceptional job.

Judging by our work, we are ready to present tomorrow. I’d like to thank both Corretta and Lynbea for their corporation. Being a online group presentation, this has been one of my best experience with working with other people. I would definitely work with them in the future.

Last, but not least, we made T-shirts in support of the Governor.



I Am Not An Artist

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I am by no means artistically-inclined, but I know art when I see it.
I can’t draw, I’m not a good painter, sculptures aren’t exactly my thing. But in any form, I definitely respect those who do. Art can take on any form, designing clothes, architecture, photography, and interior design all aside from the common elements of writing, drawing, painting, sculpting and music etc. I draw from every realm and enjoy every aspect.
Even shoes are a work of art, intricate designs, purposeful placement and such intense attention to detail. That defines the meaning to me. The only element I can hold on to is writing, every so often I can write a poem that makes sense to me in some sort of way or write down my thoughts articulately in a way that resonates with my peers. I’m not even gonna stretch and say it’s a gift because I’m not an author/poet who is making a living off of it but I definitely know I am capable of doing it well and that’s why that statement makes sense to me.
Here are a few drawing from my brother Oscar. He is an artist.cp0dr.jpg
The Obama’s
Halle Berry
Le’Bron James
Lindsey Lohan
Follow my brother @Ohboyflip.


Blog, RapRadar gets Recognized

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Rap Radar is my most visited site everyday. First site I go to as soon as I open my Mac. The website is going on their second year and determined to be the No. 1 urban blog site. The focus of the blog is related to hip-hop culture.

Backed by Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, and fronted by longtime hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson (Ego Trip, The Source, XXL), RapRadar was launched in early 2009 to bestow the public with Slim Shady exclusives, a healthy collection of daily links, aggregated content and grainy, cinema-verité flip-camera footage.

Elliott is also editor-and-cheif of urban photograph magazine RESPECT. This magazine is like no other urban magazine. It features several photographs from years ago in the hip-hop/r&b acts such as Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Brandy. The magazine was launched a year ago. I subscribed to the issue and I look forward to the next shipment.

Another writer I RESPECT is Brian “B.Dot” Miller. He is an contributor for Rap Radar. He’s accomplishments list Vibe Magazine and The Source contributor. The journalist has been featured in countless magazines such as Complex and XXL.

Both journalist took the time to speak about Rap Radar, feature plans for the site, and being the best urban lifestyle blog in the world.

The video is at South West, South West SXSW with both Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller of

It’s the first time they have been interviewed together.


Who is Lil’ B?

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Easy for me to explain. If you don’t know Lil Boss, I got you!

Born by the name Brandon McCartney, the Berkley, California MC has creating a buzz for himself that hip-hop can’t ignore. Making XXL’s 2011 Freshmen Class of fresh new talent, sold out New York show, and MTV Woodie Award nomination says a lot.

I’ve only been following the 21-year-old since he was a member of rap group The Pack. And I don’t mean by Twitter. First heard Lil’ B from the smash summer single Vans from The Pack. Never thought I would wear such a shoe, but ended up purchases Vans.

The Vans star has a sound called Based music. Lil’ B describes Based as being true to yourself, not caring what others say, and staying positive. More noted for his extensive social media of 100s of Myspace pages of free music and constant tweets on Twitter.
With all  24 thousands Youtube subscribes and 17 views, Lil’ B has a fan base like no other up and coming solo star.

Songs like “Wonton Soup” and “I’m Miley Cyrus” both 2010, and mixtapes Pretty Boy Millionaire and Blue Frame all 2010, shows is humorous side.

Brandon just may be the most confused rapper I know. He think he’s everybody from Dr. Phil, Mel Gibson, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, through his lyrics. Whether people like it or not, Lil’ B is here to his thing. Be Based.



A Night Out on Granby

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The nightlife on Granby St. is amazing. There’s so much to see. a sight worth seeing. Whether you want to dine at  is always a good time.

I was with the company of my good friend Cindy R. Earl and we had the opportunity to experience of dinning, bar hopping, and music in Downtown Norfolk, Va.

Our first stop on our exciting night was at an Brazilian Restaurant call Espenao.


Celebrating Our History: William G. Still X Todd Duncan X Arthur Mitchell

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With today marking the end of Black History Month, I wanted to focus on the arts of orchestra, opera, and ballet.  These individuals: William G Still, Todd Duncan, and Arthur Mitchell are consider the firsts Blacks to perform from their particular achievements.

The original source for the music of the was American composer William Grant Still. He was a classical composer who wrote more than 150 compositions. Still conducted a major American symphony orchestra, the first to have a symphony of his own (his first symphony) performed by a leading orchestra, the first to have an opera performed by a major opera company, and the first to have an opera performed on national TV.

Kentucky-born baritone Todd Duncan became the first Black to join The New York City Opera in 1945. Before that, he had been singing with a number of black operatic companies. His big break came when composer George Gershwin cast him in the role of Porgy in his opera Porgy and Bess in 1935. This gave a huge boost to his career and many doors of opportunity opened up for him on the concert stage. He went on later to teach at the Curtis Institute, one of the most prestigious music schools in the United States.


Arthur Mitchell was the first African-American male to join a major ballet company when he became a part of The New York City Ballet, later becoming its first African-American male principal dancer. This was a brave step for both Mitchell and the ballet company to take, since this was done during time of tremendous prejudice, and having a male person of color dancing alongside white females was a pretty bold statement for that era. Mitchell stayed with The New York City Ballet until 1969, when he went on to help found the first African-American ballet company The Harlem Dance Theater.

Blacks have had a large part in making valuable contributions to the areas of fine arts and entertainment in our country. Some of the best writers, musicians, actors and performers emerged from their culture to express themselves in a world that has sometimes ignored, belittled or discriminated against them.

I’ve enjoyed doing these “Celebrating Our History,” entries, and hope to do some for many years to come.