Chris Brown gets Creative

In Uncategorized on February 3, 2011 by highendblog

R&B singer C Breezy shows his artistic expression with spray paint outside of an art studio in West Hollywood, according to Concreteloop. The 21 year-old took it to Twitter to display his artworks to his 1 million + fans. Many of them expressed their thoughts by commenting on each Twitpic.  His images are very influenced by Brian Donnelly, designer of KAWS.

I’m very impressed by his artworks. It’s authentic. The works really show a side of the entertainer that most are not familiar with. Its personal because the entertainer has  similar images from tattoos on his arms. Before I only credited him as being a Michael Jackson shadow from his dance moves and “okay” vocals. But now I have much respect to him and his craft of artworks.

Below are the following artworks:

Breezy Art: The Pig

Breezy Art 2: Headache

Breezy Art: Untitled



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