I Am Not An Artist

In Uncategorized on April 22, 2011 by highendblog

I am by no means artistically-inclined, but I know art when I see it.
I can’t draw, I’m not a good painter, sculptures aren’t exactly my thing. But in any form, I definitely respect those who do. Art can take on any form, designing clothes, architecture, photography, and interior design all aside from the common elements of writing, drawing, painting, sculpting and music etc. I draw from every realm and enjoy every aspect.
Even shoes are a work of art, intricate designs, purposeful placement and such intense attention to detail. That defines the meaning to me. The only element I can hold on to is writing, every so often I can write a poem that makes sense to me in some sort of way or write down my thoughts articulately in a way that resonates with my peers. I’m not even gonna stretch and say it’s a gift because I’m not an author/poet who is making a living off of it but I definitely know I am capable of doing it well and that’s why that statement makes sense to me.
Here are a few drawing from my brother Oscar. He is an artist.cp0dr.jpg
The Obama’s
Halle Berry
Le’Bron James
Lindsey Lohan
Follow my brother @Ohboyflip.

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