DeRay Brings the Funny

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2011 by highendblog

Two weeks ago, my jaw line hurt so much from laughing so hard from DeRay’s comedy show.

Saw him perform April 16th with my buddies Cindy & LaTrice at Funny Bone in Richmond, Va. This was my first time at Funny Bone. I enjoyed my first experience. The waiter I had was great. We ordered fries, cheeseburgers, and cocktails. He kept checking with our booth to make sure we were taken care of. I respect waiters that do just that.

Sadly, towards the end of the show, someone in the audience collapsed on the floor. I never did know for sure what had happened to the guy. I assume he had too many drinks. Or maybe too many drinks before taking medication.

During this delay, DeRay didn’t stop the show. He wanted to know what was going on because it was affected his time on the show. He continued to joke of relationships with the youth and their cell phones. I could relate, of course. I’m young and obsessed with my cell phone.

Let’s just say that I enjoyed myself. This was my first time at Funny Bone. This is my 2nd time hearing DeRay live. The last time was at the Hampton Convocation.

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DeRay is hilarious and I would definitely seem him perform again. Very funny.

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